Symbols of Love

2017 Club Charm, Diamond B800538
C$70.00  C$33.00
Save: 53% off

Bound by Love 791875CZ
C$94.00  C$43.00
Save: 54% off

Enamel Heart Charm 790543EN28
C$78.00  C$31.00
Save: 60% off

Enamel Heart Pendant Charm 790471EN07
C$101.00  C$28.00
Save: 72% off

Enamel Heart Pendant Charm 790471EN28
C$101.00  C$28.00
Save: 72% off

Gift From The Heart, Clear CZ 791247CZ
C$78.00  C$39.00
Save: 50% off

Heart of Stars Silver Charm - PANDORA 791393
C$54.00  C$23.00
Save: 57% off

Limited Edition Mother's Day Teddy Bear 791166
C$125.00  C$35.00
Save: 72% off

Love All Around Charm, Clear CZ 791250CZ
C$78.00  C$35.00
Save: 55% off

Love Lines Charm 791885cz
C$85.00  C$40.00
Save: 53% off

Love Note Dangle Charm 791246
C$78.00  C$38.00
Save: 51% off

Love You, Violet Enamel 790543EN13
C$78.00  C$31.00
Save: 60% off